Compare Business Power Prices.

Comparing business power prices has never been easier than having Switchme complete a business energy comparison for you. It's fast, accurate, confidential and FREE to New Zealand businesses.

The range of business power prices in New Zealand range vastly depending on the retailer and the plan. New Zealand has one of the most competitive business electricity and gas markets in the world, however what is actually available and what is offered are typically not the same.

By letting Switchme compare your business power prices, you will have the benefit of an accurate and unbiased power price assessment.

How do Switchme provide cheaper power prices?

Simple - Switchme have been working with New Zealand energy retailers for over 7 years. Being the industry leader in comparing power prices for business, Switchme were the exclusive business power price comparison service for the "What's My Number?" campaign. We know the market and the state of electricity and gas pricing better than any service - this means energy retailers offer their best deals and incentives every time, and this means you save money.

  • QUOTE - Our business specialist will assess your current offer and power prices.
  • COMPARE - Switchme will provide comparative offers with cheaper power prices.
  • SWITCH & SAVE - Our team will submit and manage your request to completion.

It only takes 10 minutes to receive quotes with full disclosure of power prices for every energy retailer available to you. Take the time and ensure your business is getting the best energy deal available.

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